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Carpets and textiles

Properly selected carpets and textiles transform the interior of any room. The design of floors, furniture, walls and windows allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort that is valued in every home.

A huge selection of carpets, rugs, blankets, upholstery fabrics, bedspreads, pillows, bed linen, curtains and tulle is presented in the Carpets and Textiles shopping mall. In each product category there are both budget options and models of the highest quality made from natural materials: silk, wool, etc. Main producing countries: Russia, Iran, Turkey, Nepal, China. 


Tenants provide favorable terms of cooperation to wholesale buyers. The minimum order for upholstery fabrics is 5 meters; other products can be purchased individually. A rich range of colors, a variety of models and textures allow you to choose what you need.


The Carpets and Textiles shopping arcades are located next to the P5 parking lot.


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Photo of the pavilion “Carpets and Textiles”