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SHOPPING COMPLEX "GARDENER" is the only official website of the Sadovod shopping complex. On the website we publish information from the administration of the shopping complex, news, event announcements, useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions. TC "Sadovod" is the largest wholesale and retail trading complex in Russia. More than 250,000 people visit 9,500 stores every day. For 26 years now, the Sadovod shopping complex has been the largest wholesale and retail trade center in Russia. The total area of the shopping complex is more than 40 hectares. The main goods presented in the shopping complex: men's and women's clothing and shoes, coats and jackets, furs and leather, wedding dresses, men's suits, jewelry and accessories, goods for children, toys, carpets and textiles, fabrics and accessories, hunting goods , fishing and tourism, pets, as well as fresh flowers, indoor plants, seeds and seedlings. TC "Sadovod" always has the widest assortment, the optimal ratio of affordable prices and high quality guaranteed by the manufacturers. At TC "Sadovod" their products are offered by direct representatives of factories and production facilities in Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, and China. There are 9,500 trade pavilions here. Every day, shopping center “Sadovod” is visited by more than 250,000 buyers from various regions of Russia and other countries.