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SUBWAY is one of the fastest growing fast food restaurant chains in the world. To prepare our sandwiches, we use only the freshest products, vegetables and meat. Our special bread is baked several times a day using a special SUBWAY technology.

Subway Salads - the perfect solution for those who wish to diversify their lunch!


Light fresh Subway salads – this is a combination of fresh vegetables and your favorite hot or cold fillings. You can order any sandwich from the menu of your SUBWAY restaurant menu in the form of a salad.

We especially recommend:

- Tuna Salad
- Subway Club salad
- Italian salad B.M.T.


Tasty wraps are made of the same ingredients as the sandwiches and salads, but in place of bread there is a delicious tortilla.
You can order any sandwich in the form of wrap.
There are both hot (tea, coffee) and cold drinks (soft drinks, mineral water, juices, iced tea) in SUBWAY restaurants.


Treat yourself with SUBWAY desserts, daily baked in your SUBWAY restaurant.

Freshly baked cookies, tasty muffins and a wide variety of buns with various fillings can be an excellent addition to your lunch at our restaurants.

Considering the major consumer preferences, SUBWAY offers a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. Fresh vegetables, a variety of meat toppings, various sauces and bread baked right in the restaurant every 4 hours – that's what you'll find in SUBWAY.

Type of cuisine: European cuisine


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