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Khinkali. These dumplings originate in the mountainous region of Khevsureti on Georgia’s border with Chechnya, but today they’re a staple part of Georgian cuisine. The classic khinkali is a spiced meat mixture, usually made beef, lamb and pork, which is wrapped uncooked into the dumpling, so upon boiling, the meat releases its juices into the khinkali dumpling. You’re supposed to bit into the dumpling, holding it by the nib, and suck the juice out before eating the rest. No knives and forks here. And you’re not supposed to eat the nib, one legend says it will make you lose your manhood, but really it’s to help keep track of how many you’ve eaten. Other variations include, khinkali filled with mushroom, cheese and even a potato filling.

Zhingalov Khats. This herb filled bread is a specialty from Nagorno-Karabakh, and you typical street food you’ll find in Stepanakert, where they will make it freshly in front of you. This bread is so unique to Nagorno-Karabakh, it’s near impossible to find outside of the region, even in neighboring Armenia. Zhingalov Khats is made traditionally with 7 herbs, although it can sometimes be the case that up to 27 herbs are used, chervil and “chrchrok”, water grass, is another that is always used. The dough is rolled out and the herbs placed on top and folded before being cooked again on a griddle.

Type of cuisine: Russian cuisine


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