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Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world and the recipes are somewhat similar to those of people who live in the Caucasus region. But the Azeri's retain their own unique way through the flavour, method of preparation and the ingredients they use in the local preparations. Meat and fish are used in rich quantities along with vegetarian preparations.
The dishes of Azerbaijan have become so famous that now they form an integral part of the lives of the people in the neighbouring countries. Their specialities like chykhyrtma, khashil, dolma, bozbash, piti, pilau, bozartma, shashlyk and govurma are well known and tried by the world's best chefs.
Most of the dishes make use of mutton, beef and poultry along with addition of vegetables, herbs and spices. Pork is not used in their cuisine as Muslims, who are a principal part of the population, don't eat this meat.
Stirring of vegetables such as green string beans, eggplants, onions, cucumbers, sweet peppers, spinach, cabbage, sorrel, radishes and beet along with spices such as, anise, bay leaf, caraway seeds and fennel sprinkled with herbs like parsley, celery, mint, dill, thyme, basil give the final look to the dish. But the most popular herb is saffron with it being used in a majority of the dishes. To give a strong flavour to the dish as well as garnish it, Azerbaijani's use green olives, lemons and plums.
Bread which is common among the poor Azeri's as well as a delicacy for the rich is cooked in a tandoor and is popularly known as pita and oblong churek.
Most of the dishes are cooked in copper pots and pans whose use in now diminishing as the cities are expanding and villages are reducing. The whole Azerbaijani meal mainly consists of soups, bread, main course, sweets and drinks.

Type of cuisine: Azerbaijani cuisine


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